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Anne Dalton & Associates is a Melbourne firm providing the full range of probity advisorygovernance and procurement services. 

The firm was established in 2010 to focus on these areas – giving clients the expertise they need – in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We are a supplier member of the Victorian Government Professional Advisory Panel (Probity).  Our probity services are informed by up to date knowledge of public sector procurement, code of conduct, sector and industry knowledge and commercial engagement requirements, including policies and practices. Our services have been developed and refined over 20 years and reflect an understanding of the current issues facing the public sector today in relation to probity requirements.

We assist clients in ensuring that probity is part of how they undertake procurement and do business.

We are situated in Melbourne and we are all Melbourne based practitioners. We travel to other locations to undertake engagements.

See our tendering/procurement page for further details. Or contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment.

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