Our firm provides services in Probity and Procurement. In relation to probity services, we provide the full range of probity practitioner services, including Probity Auditing, Probity Advising and Probity mentoring.

The firm is a supplier member of the Victorian Government Professional Advisory Panel (PAS) (Probity Practitioner Panel) which can be accessed by all State and local government entities. The panel simplifies engagement of our services and provides an assurance of quality and expertise.

We are also members of the Department of Defence Professional Services Standing Offer Panel (Probity services). This appointment follows on from the experience of our practitioners in being engaged by the Department of Defence on a range of probity and legal matters for over 15 years, including in all areas of procurement of goods and services and divestment of assets.

“Probity” in the context of public sector procurement and tendering means “Procedural fairness” and so some clients refer to us as “Process Advisers”.

We are experienced in providing probity practitioner services in all types of “market approaches” being procurement, divestment and tendering processes, including:

  •        Market Engagement and market sounding Processes,

  •        Market Led Proposal processes ( under the Market Led Proposal Guideline)

  •        Expressions of Interest/Request for Proposals

  •        Request for Tenders in all industries, including Construction, Transport, Technology, Essential Services, Leasing, Grants and Funding Programs, Recruitment and all types of Goods and Services.

We undertake probity audits, probity reviews and provide probity advice on proposed or past processes, including investigations of probity breaches.

We work with you to ensure you undertake a robust decision making process which will withstand scrutiny.

We advise on the appropriate management and documentation of conflicts of interests, including actual, potential and perceived.

We also advise on a range of issues relating to Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality.