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We can assist public sector entities (Commonwealth, State and Local Government) and not for profits in ensuring that their governance structures and practises adhere to government legislation and policy requirements, including the relevant Codes of Conduct.

Our services include providing advice on and assisting with implementation in relation to:

  •        Delegations and decision making structures -including the role of Project Boards, Steering Committees, Evaluation Teams, Subject Matter experts and advisors

  •        Conflict of interest issues arising for decision makers-including identification and management of issues

  •        Gifts and Benefits Policies-and advice in relation to ethical issues arising

  •        Developing polices for “Pro Bono contributions/and gifts” to public sector entities

  •        Board member obligations and duties

Our firm members have relevant experience both as board members and in advising board members and public sector executives in relation to governance and ethical issues.

Governance: Services
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